Mini Golden Retrievers: Everything You Should Know

Mini Golden Retriever

Miniature Golden Retrievers are becoming increasingly popular because people want the gentle, caring nature of a Golden, but in a smaller dog. Due to breeding, and sometimes nature taking its course, there are many versions of Mini Goldens that are available.

In this article we will look at what you get when you look to bring a Mini Golden Retriever into your home. We will compare them to Standard Goldens and advise you on what to keep an eye out for when shopping for your next family member.

What Is A Mini Golden Retriever?

Miniature Golden Retriever

Mini Golden Retrievers are a hybrid species resulting from a Golden Retriever mixed with a Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, or another small breed. They share the same looks as a Golden Retriever, but they are smaller in size. The average Mini Golden Retriever weighs 35 lbs (16 kg).

Mini Golden Retrievers do not occur naturally. Instead, this is a breed where people select a female Golden Retriever to mate with a cocker spaniel, a poodle, or another small breed dog.

Some dogs are born with a deficiency in their progestins or thyroid hormones. This deficiency causes the dog to have limited growth. But this is not the case with Mini Golden Retrievers.

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Differences Between A Golden Retriever And A Mini Golden Retriever

Small Golden Retriever

Up to this point, you know the size is one of the primary differences between a Golden Retriever and a Mini Golden Retriever. However, there are a few other distinctions we’d like you to know. Below is a chart covering some of the important differences between these two types of dogs.

Golden Retriever Vs Mini Golden Retriever Comparison Chart

CharacteristicsGolden RetrieversMini Golden Retrievers
Height 22 inches on average12 and 18 inches
Weight53 lbs (24 kg) to 75 lbs (34 kg)29 lbs (13 kg) to 51 lbs (23 kg)
Life Expectancy10 to 12 yearsUp to 15 years
Caloric Intake780 to 985 calories per day480 to 740 calories per day
PersonalityAffectionate, cautious, energetic, and mouthyMay inherit behavioral traits from mated breed
Exercise Needs2 hours per day. Can be divided into 3 sessionsAbout 1 hour per day. Can be divided into 2 sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a Miniature Golden Retriever?

Mini Golden Retrievers tend to be 12 to 18 inches in height and between 29 to 51 lbs depending on when breed was mixed with the Golden Retriever.

Which one is better, male or female Mini Golden Retrievers?

It will depend on what you are looking for. The main physical difference between genders will be their size and weight. Females are smaller than males. When it comes to behavior, males tend to mature faster than females. In contrast, females tend to be calmer, more independent, and careful around kids.

What health problems can affect Mini Golden Retrievers?

Since most Mini Golden Retrievers come from inbreeding, they will inherit health conditions from their ancestors. Some of the most common issues include joint disorders and eye diseases.

Do Mini Golden Retrievers smell?

As long as you groom them accordingly, your Mini Golden Retriever shouldn’t have a foul smell.

How long can Mini Golden Retrievers be left alone?

Adult Mini Golden Retrievers can be left alone for a maximum of 8 hours until they start feeling separation anxiety. Younger dogs should not exceed more than 6 hours by themselves.

Are Mini Golden Retrievers good for single people?

Yes, they are. These dogs are great for people looking for some company. You don’t have to worry about your dog getting too attached. It will give you enough attention and love without being needy.

Understanding Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are adorable dogs. But, because of their size, whenever you think of one, you relate them to large families living in a house (Full House, anyone?)

It took 50 years of work to finally have what we know now as a Golden Retriever. Back in the 19th century, the Yellow Russian Retriever was mixed with a Tweed Spaniel. Both species are extinct now, but the Golden Retriever combines both their intelligence and endurance.

The Behavior Of A Golden Retriever

Some of the characteristics of these breeds include:

  • Playful from childhood to adulthood
  • Great companions
  • Gentle to other animals, kids, and seniors
  • Easy to house train
  • Generally quiet and won’t bark too much.

These characteristics make them an excellent option for families, especially if you have a yard. Your kids and Golden Retrievers can make use of their energy together playing all day long.

Additionally, seniors looking to have more outdoor activities can find great company in Golden Retrievers.

Physical Characteristics Of A Golden Retriever

For starters, not all Golden Retrievers are the same color. In addition, fur color may vary based on their type, ranging from light golden to a more reddish hue.

Another difference you can find between types is the coating thickness. The typical Golden Retriever is named the Show Golden Retriever. They tend to have long fur and a less athletic body.

Female Golden Retrievers are smaller than their male counterparts. This difference also affects their weight—females weigh at least 10lbs less than males.

Types Of Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever breed that originated in Scotland in the 19th century is different from the Golden Retrievers we know now. At the time, people used to consider them hunting dogs. By the 20th century, Golden Retrievers became famous worldwide among hunters and were introduced to America.

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The Best Environment For A Golden Retriever To Live In

Golden Retrievers have typically calm personalities. As a result, these animals won’t cause trouble at home. However, if you have a Field Golden Retriever, you should pay more attention because they tend to grab things with their mouths. But, generally speaking, its behavior will all depend on how the dog was raised.

You can have these dogs in an apartment. As long as you take them out to exercise, living in an apartment will not cause stress to a Golden Retriever.

Training A Golden Retriever

There are several training options for Golden Retrievers. If you have it as a pet, you can take it to a house training school for a couple of weeks. Also, due to their noble nature, people employ Golden Retrievers for emotional support.

Golden Retrievers can also be service dogs. Their loyalty and kindness make them a great option for this training.

Controversies With Mini Golden Retrievers

Mini Golden Retriever Poodle

Some animal protection groups reject the breed of Mini Golden Retrievers. They claim the breeding process to obtain a small-sized retriever is unethical.

They claim that females are forced to have countless births, and the breeders don’t care about the conditions these animals live in. They argue that Mini Golden Retrievers are sold as an accessory and that the health and happiness of the dogs are not being considered.

In actuality there is some truth to this as there are many breeders that are only in the business for the money. However, there are many breeders who love animals and only breed ethically. It is up to us to only choose those reputable breeders…or you can adopt!


Mini Golden Retrievers are not so different from Golden Retrievers. However, if you consider getting a new member of your family, be sure to always do your research on those who are providing the dog.

The health of any dog bred with a Golden Retriever will be of some concern as Golden Retrievers do have some common health issues. Just be sure to have regular visits to the veterinarian.

The advantages a Mini Golden Retriever offer you is that they eat less food and that they will usually shed less. While these two benefits help slightly with cost and cleanup, just know that any type of dog you bring home will be lots of work and cost you money. Be sure you are ready for the responsibility and then enjoy the love of your new family member!

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